Quality Biodynamic Preparations
Made on our New Hampshire farm.
Compostable Packaging

Shipped in peat to preserve vitality.

“I have been using biodynamic preparations for years.  
Your preparations, compostable packaging and customer
service are the best!  THANK YOU for all that you guys do;
having a trusted source for the preps is invaluable.”
– C. Freeman, Parker, CO
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Are You New to Biodynamics? 

There is lots of information for you on our Frequently Asked Questions page.  If your questions are not answered there, please contact us.  We want to support your efforts to heal the land for which you care and the people who eat the food you grow.

Our Biodynamic Preparations 

We handcraft the highest quality Biodynamic Preparations on our certified organic, 100% grass-fed dairy farm, Callie’s Creamery.  Almost all of the materials in our Preparations are sourced on our farm or are locally harvested. 

Our experience as farmers has convinced us that making Biodynamic Preparations on a working farm infuses them with a vitality that is unmatched.  Milking cows, farm chores, making yogurt, and tending our gardens are all a part of our farm rhythm and making the Preparations are woven into and enrich that rhythm.  We have been doing so for over two decades.  It is with happiness that we now share them with you.  May your farm or gardens be healed and enlivened as you use them. 

For your compost pile use the Biodynamic Compost Preparation Set.  The other Preparations are used as garden and field sprays.  See our Storing and Using page on amounts and how to use each Preparation.

Preparations in a box of peat

Our Compostable Packaging 

We searched for acceptable packaging materials and are pleased to have found 100% compostable packaging.  We could never send out these cosmic materials in anything else.

Ceramic crocks of the Biodynamic Compost Preparations, Biodynamic Compound Preparation and Horn Manure are stored in a wooden boxes and surrounded by peat until they are ready to be sent to you. Then we place the unit of Preparation in a compostable bag, seal it and put a compostable label on it. Each is once again surrounded by peat in a recyclable cardboard box and shipped to you. Silica and Equisetum are placed in recyclable packing. This takes extra time, but we feel that it is very important to package these cosmic products to retain their vitality until you use then.

If you are unable to use the Preparations upon receiving them leave them in the peat and cardboard box and place it in a dark, cool place…


We ship via USPS in Flat Rate Boxes in order to get the Preparations to you efficiently and in the most economical way.  Most orders ship for $16.25 in a Medium Flat Rate Box.  If your order requires a Large Box(es) we will notify you of the additional shipping costs.  If you are only ordering BD501 or a Planting Calendar we may be able to ship your order for less, in which case we will refund you the difference.  Alternatively you may choose to pick your order up at our farm.

YOU CAN ORDER YOUR PREPARATIONS NOW TO INSURE THAT YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED, AND WE WILL SHIP THEM WHEN YOU NEED THEM.  Just tell us when you would like us to ship them in the notes section of the order form. 

Questions?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, if you do not find your answer there please contact us

We look forward to serving you as you care for your farm and gardens.