We handcraft the highest quality Biodynamic Preparations on our certified organic, 100% grass-fed dairy farm, Callie’s Creamery.  Almost all of the materials in our Preparations are sourced on our farm or are locally harvested.

We pick dandelions and chamomile from our fields and gardens, dry them, make these Preparations in the autumn, bury them for their winter journey and harvest them in the spring for use. Valerian flowers are picked and the liquid pressed in the summer, then prepared and aged.  Equisetum is picked in the summer from our hillsides and dried. White Oak bark is taken from nearby trees and placed in cow skulls in the fall then buried near a moving stream all winter. Our Horn Manure is made from our cow’s summer grass diet. Ground silica is put in cow horns for several months then placed in jars warmed by the sun. Yarrow flowers are picked, dried, stuffed into stag bladders, hung in the summer sun, then buried for the winter. We also make Barrel Compost, which one can think of as a concentration of the Compost Preparations into a super energized compost application.

Our experience as farmers convinces us that making Biodynamic Preparations on a working farm infuses them with a vitality that is unmatched.  Milking cows, farm chores, making yogurt, and tending our gardens are one part of our rhythm and making the Preparations are woven into and enrich that rhythm. We have been doing so for two decades.  It is with happiness that we now share them with you. May your farm or gardens be healed and enlivened as you use them. 



Dandelions sewn into mesentery

Stuffing horns for BD #500