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Callie’s Creamery is mainly focused on making a premium, organic 100% grass-fed yogurt for sale in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.  We milk our cows, make the yogurt on our farm, grow a diverse palate of grasses in our fields and hay some of those fields for winter forage for our cows.

We lovingly raise our cows and feed them only grass and hay. Raising healthy cows on 100% grass requires creating healthy soils.  Our soils are enhanced by the application of our Biodynamic Preparations.

It is hard work, but the proof is evident.  Our cows are happy and healthy, our soils and grasses are vibrant and our Biodynamic Preparations are very special and effective.


“I don’t understand what you spray on your fields, but you have the best hay in the county.” 
  — J. Cutter, longtime NH hay farmer