By Sherry Wildfeuer

Rudolf Steiner lectured on agriculture in 1924 at the request of a group of farmers who already appreciated his contribution to the understanding of human nature, education, medicine, science, art, religion and more. The insights and practices from his Agriculture Course, known as Biodynamics, have been taken up by farmers and gardeners worldwide.

Steiner pointed to the cosmic influences from the sun, moon, planets and stars as important factors to work with in agriculture. Then he challenged his listeners to develop a new science of timing for seed sowing to replace the old proverbs. Considerable research has been done, notably by German biodynamic farmer Maria Thun since the early 1950s, and the Stella Natura charts largely reflect her observations and conclusions.

The calendar is meant to be used with common sense and an eye to the weather. The charts assist you in choosing optimum times to sow seeds, transplant, cultivate your crops and harvest them for storage. There is also room each day to keep gardening notes.
Dimensions are 9” x 12”
Weight is 6 oz