The land just behind our garden and barn belongs to a neighbor.  He informed us recently that he was planning to harvest the large white pine trees from that lot. I had mixed feelings.  A clear cut is always jarring especially for the animals and trees; but this cut would bring much needed sun to our barnyard in winter and would cast more sunlight on our gardens too.

As I anticipated the logging, I knew I needed to give the natural world a “heads up” if it didn’t already know that big changes were eminent. So I walked out onto the land one afternoon and spent some time letting the creatures and trees know what was coming. I felt that a hemlock tree wanted to be saved and that I should ask for it not to be cut.  I walked around to try to identify a large hemlock for which I should advocate.  I could not find one.  There were several smaller ones but none with which I connected.  As I continued to walk I came upon a mighty oak and decided to ask the land owner if I could mark that tree to save. He agreed, and I did.

The logging happened this past week and the oak was saved.  To my surprise, right in the middle of the clear cut a lone hemlock tree was still standing.  I suppose the hemlock communicated directly with the logger since I hadn’t followed through.  I asked the owner and he said, “It was saved for the wildlife”.  Hmm…I am grateful.  I look forward to a long, happy relationship with this lovely hemlock tree.