We are always thrilled when our granddaughters arrive from Alaska to spend two or three weeks with us on the farm. They are a big help. We happily share our love of farming, the animals and the land with them. They are enthusiastic about everything:¬† caring for the calf, fencing pasture, feeding the hens, spreading the biodynamic preparations, harvesting beets and other late season crops, even ‘scooping poop’ is done with joy. Although they are young (5 and 7), they are steady, inquisitive workers.

When I experience their enthusiasm for what I sometimes consider mundane tasks I ask myself where and when did my perceptions change. This is something I shall take into my winter meditative time. To reconnect with exuberance, in the deep way that I witness in these young ones, would be wonderful.

In the meantime, as we prepare for the coming winter, we are delighted to share practical farming skills and knowledge about the preparations with the next generation. And we are so grateful for their help with the tasks at hand.