The morning light is just beginning as it creeps through the trees just behind the barn.  There is no breeze, but the low clouds are just rolling by. The snow is kind of dusty and crunchy as the temperatures still seems to be hovering from the high 20’s to the middle 30’s.  I wish it would just get on and become winter.  This neither/nor situation is not of my choosing.

Ginger needs her halter changed as she is getting too big and is on the last hole.  I must get her on a lead rope, tie her up and make the change to a larger halter that will not be easy.  She has some of her mother’s behavioral quirks where getting on a lead is sometimes hard to make happen.  However, the reduced barnyard space (due to managing winter snow) will make it easier.  And one of the nice things about heat behavior is that the cow in heat is quite friendly and clipping her on a lead is generally much easier.  Thus, the next step of changing halters is at least doable, though some times challenging given a thrashing cow head with horns.

Ah, why do we allow the horns to grow — something to talk about another day.