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Spring is Around the Corner?

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This morning at 6:00 I was greeted by Ginger, my 2 1/2 year old heifer mooing vigorously.  Is it hunger where she did not get enough hay during the yesterday’s afternoon feeding, or is she in heat?  Ginger happens to be a loud child so I am unsure why. A female cow typically goes into estrus (her fertile cycle) every 17-22 [...]

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Make Things and Sing

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About 20 years ago I heard the child development author, Joseph Chilton Pearce (he wrote The Crack in the Cosmic Egg) speak.  I was mesmerized by his clarity of how much play should enter into the life of children (and adults).  There was a workshop at a local Waldorf School the next day and even though it was “sold out”, [...]

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