Winter or not?

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The morning light is just beginning as it creeps through the trees just behind the barn.  There is no breeze, but the low clouds are just rolling by. The snow is kind of dusty and crunchy as the temperatures still seems to be hovering from the high 20’s to the middle 30’s.  I wish it would just get on and become [...]

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So you want to be a farmer??

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One of the reasons that I wanted to get into this farming thing was to engage my hands with my heart and my head.  My organization consulting life in the business world was full of working with people with my head and my heart cajoling them to see more life giving ways of working with others.  My retirement years continue [...]

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Spring is Around the Corner?

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This morning at 6:00 I was greeted by Ginger, my 2 1/2 year old heifer mooing vigorously.  Is it hunger where she did not get enough hay during the yesterday’s afternoon feeding, or is she in heat?  Ginger happens to be a loud child so I am unsure why. A female cow typically goes into estrus (her fertile cycle) every 17-22 [...]

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Make Things and Sing

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About 20 years ago I heard the child development author, Joseph Chilton Pearce (he wrote The Crack in the Cosmic Egg) speak.  I was mesmerized by his clarity of how much play should enter into the life of children (and adults).  There was a workshop at a local Waldorf School the next day and even though it was “sold out”, [...]


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