Asian Jumping Worms are a relatively new invasive species of earthworm, that can wreak havoc on your yard and garden, and forest ecosystems, by stopping plants growth and degrading the soil. They are rapidly spreading across the United States. 

Asian jumping worms are smooth, glossy gray or brown and 1.5 to 8 inches long. The clitellum (the band around the body of a worm) on a jumping worm is milky white to gray-colored, smooth and completely encircles the body of the worm. When touched they will jump or thrash vigorously. 

Presently there is no known way to eradicate them. It appears that the best solution is not to bring any plants into your gardens from elsewhere, as Asian Jumping Worm cocoons/eggs could be in the soil. Bringing in bare root plants would be best. 

Two years ago, we began starting all our plants from seed. It is really not too hard. We strongly encourage you to try doing so if you don’t already. Focus on making biodynamic compost this fall which can be the foundation of your seed starting mix.  You can see our recipe here.